On behalf of my wife Beth and I, I would like to take this time to thank the many dedicated member’s of The Better Life Dog Rescue. My wife and I used your service to adopt the newest addition to our family, Spencer, an Apha Lapso. Your dedication to finding the right home for these pet’s that have been through so much is beyond reproach. We especially want to Thank Teresa who did such a wonderful job as Foster Mother and to Gary Schnell for helping us to obtain the perfect pet.

For those of you fortunate enough to come across their Website. I want to say, you will find none better!!! They give so much time and love to these pet’s, and they do this all at their own expense and time. Our Spencer has adjusted so well to his new home, and give’s us so much Love, We are so Lucky! If you can please use the Better Life Dog Rescue. You will find none better. Thank You Gary, and Thank You Teresa for all your hard work.

Sincerely, Beth and Greg Mernett Langley.

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