A Better Life Dog Rescue does not have a shelter. All our dogs are in foster homes throughout the lower mainland, where they are loved and well cared for as they await adoption into their forever homes. So since we have no single location for people to come and meet our dogs, our adoption process is as follows:

Please search through the list of our dogs currently available for adoption on this website. If you see a dog that you are interested in meeting, please fill out our online adoption application form as directed. (We regret that we do not have the time to respond to general inquiries about our dogs without first having received an adoption application.) Once we have received your application and determined that you are a good match for the dog you have applied for, we will contact you by phone to arrange a home visit. Following a successful home visit, we will arrange for you to meet the dog, either in their foster home or in your home. At that time you will decide if you would like to adopt the dog. Depending on the dog’s personality you may be asked to visit the dog once or twice before taking him or her home. This will be most common with shy, timid dogs. Outgoing and confident dogs can most often be taken home after the first meeting.

The adoption fee and a copy of the adoption agreement must be provided before a dog can be taken to your home. The adoption fee is non-refundable, even if the dog is subsequently returned. ABLDR will always take back one of our dogs for any reason, and without question.

Prior to an adoption being finalized you will be asked to agree with the A Better Life Dog Rescue Adoption Agreement, which can be viewd by clicking here.

IMPORTANT: Please understand, our dogs are our clients. It is not our responsibility, nor our obligation, to find a dog for anyone seeking to adopt one. Our job is to find the right home for each of our dogs. Many applications are rejected, not neccesarily because their is anything wrong with the home, but because it is not the right match for the dog. For example, we will not adopt young dogs into senior homes where they have a good chance of outliving their owners. We may also give preference to applications for dogs that love being with other dogs to homes that already have another dog or are applying to adopt two dogs.

Before filling out an adoption application, please be sure you are committed to the reality, not just the idea, of adopting a rescued dog. Many of our wonderful dogs have never been welcomed inside a home, never been walked on a leash, never been out in the world and socialized. Some may need house training, be taught to walk politely on a leash or even to behave well with other dogs. Some may be frightened and anxious. All, even those who have come from loving homes, will need patience and understanding as they learn to adapt to an unfamiliar and completely new life and family.

Rescued dogs need adopters who will not give up on them if they have accidents in the house, pull on the leash, dig in the yard, or eat the cat’s food (yes, we have had dogs returned for these reasons). Because of our thorough adoption process, most of our dogs will fit very well in their new homes immediately. But some will not. Many will need some form of training to adjust to a new home. An adoption will be successful only if the adopter is committed to seeing the dog through the adjustment period. The rewards are the unconditional love and loyalty of a wonderful companion and the satisfaction of knowing you have given a rescued dog a better life.

Adoption fees for our dogs vary. If unstated, the adoption fee is $300.

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