Honor A Dog:  Mowgli

A life well-lived

Birthdate unknown

Died April 26, 2012

Mowgli lived his long life in Britain, the companion of my brother’s friend, Steve. On my visits to my brother in Scotland, I would occasionally see Mowgli when Steve was also visiting. Steve is definitely a free spirit, so Mowgli had the great good fortune to travel the length and breadth of Britain, in city and in country, Steve’s friend in all kinds of escapades. He was blessed with freedom to roam, and the friendship of many dogs and people.

I followed Mowgli’s progress through the years, and was always delighted to get a photo or two of him. Such a handsome dog, a pure-bred Border Collie, with that breed’s intelligence and love of life.

Mowgli died of old age with his beloved companion near him.

Goodbye Mowgli. Forever in our hearts.

Anne in Vancouver——

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