Funny Caption Contest

This picture was sent to us by an adoption applicant of her dog (the spaniel) being “greeted” at a dog park. We think it is priceless and would love to have a funny caption to go along with it. So we have decided to run our first ever caption contest. The wittiest caption writer will win their choice of a new high quality lined raincoat (sorry – large and medium sizes only available) or a new thundershirt (for seperation anxiety). Please send your submissions to

A few great suggestions sent in by Janaya are posted below. Let us know which you think is the best.

“My latest haircut is really working for me.”

“Doggy Matchmaker Online Dating: it worked for us!”

“Guys, can’t this at least wait for the second date?”

“Hey Sparky, you could at least take your coat off first.”

“There must be something in that new kibble they’re feeding us.”

“Rover had a lot of questions to answer when, the next day, the photos ended up on Facebook. “

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