MacGregor (nee Bobby)
MacGregor was one of 20 neglected kennel Shepherds.  It was late November 2011 when we picked him up at the kennel where he had lived his entire life as a breeding dog. He was underweight, cold, weak and terrified. Tormented by infections in both ears, the poor little guy was a mental and physical mess.  My husband took him for his first walk at the kennel and they have been inseparable ever since.  As you can see from the photos he’s getting the hang of truck driving, can’t fathom why it takes so long to repair his favourite ball and likes nothing better than a long walk with his dad followed by a comfy snooze.  MacGregor’s amazing character is still unfolding a year and a half later.  His eyes, at first hollow and afraid are now full of sparkle and mischief and his coat has become thick and shiny.  He is our brilliant, shiny boy!

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