A Rescue Angel Named Cecilia

In Feb 2012, ABL agreed to take in three street dogs from Taiwan. Two of the dogs, Pine and Abba, had facial deformities which required very expensive reconstructive surgeries. Because we did not have the money to pay for these operations, one of ABL’s directors agreed to put the vet costs on her Visa.  But we had no idea how we were going to pay the thousands of dollars once the Visa bill came in.

Then a miracle named Cecilia happened. This amazingly compassionate and generous woman answered our desperate plea for donations for Abba and Pine’s vet care. Cecilia amazed and thrilled us by saying she was willing to donate the money needed to pay for both Pine and Abba’s initial operations. Cecilia’s donation is the single largest donation ABL has ever received. Her generosity is simply staggering. And it made it possible for ABL to afford to pay for the second surgeries both Pine and Abba needed to complete the reconstruction of their faces.

Once their rescuing angel Cecilia returns from a vacation, Pine and Abba  will be meeting her to thank her personally for her incredible generosity.

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