George the donkey finally gets his Happy Tail!

George, our first and only rescued donkey has finally found his forever home. And we couldn’t be more pleased. We were expecting George would get adopted to a local farm but were frustrated by the poor living conditions most applicants would provide him ( from a tiny stall to a three sided shed to no shelter at all!). So when Shirley Mainprize of Turtle Valley Donkey Rescue in Chase B.C called and offered George a home for life on her sanctuary we were thrilled. George arrived on Monday and is now enjoying life roaming free on dozens of acres and a brand new barn he can go into anytime he likes. George has come a long way from the manure filled windowless shed he spent most of his life in. Here is what George’s new caretaker, Shirley has to say about his first day.

We are delighted to tell you that George arrived safely at Turtle Valley Donkey Sanctuary. He settled in really well last night,  It was our other donkeys that kept us up all night braying back and forth with the news of a new arrival.  The boys can be quite vocal when another boy arrives on the scene.  George is a lovely donkey and is very loving despite his horrific past.  It always amazes me how donkeys can move on so easily when things get better for them. Thank you again for everything that you did for George.  I will be using a Better Life’s name in our story about George that when we talk about him to our visitors at the Refuge.

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