Surrey Mayor Watts and City Council Fully Support Ban on Chaining Dogs

A Better Life Dog Rescue founder Janet Olson won over council with her slideshow and video presentation, arguing chaining dogs isn’t humane. Surrey City Council was so impressed that Mayor Watts and several Councillors declared they were “150% in support” of the proposed legislation. Councillor Barbara Steel, who chaired the meeting, also stated that they would be considering the proposed legislation as an emergency resolution. And Mayor Dianne Watts, who is a dog owner, even wants to endorse the ban province-wide at the next Union of BC Municipalities meeting.

Olson and her partner in the presentation, Marlene Rudolph of Ban Resident Dogs were thrilled with the reception. “We could not have received a more positive response”, stated Olson. ” Not only did the Councillors agree that chaining dogs was cruelty and needed to be banned, they believed the ban was so important that they are treating the legislation as an emergency resolution.

And the best news came from Mayor Watts when she announced Surrey would be proposing this legislation at the meeting in September of the Union of BC Municipalities. “‘Their response exceeded our most hoped for expectations, said Olson.”

Marlene Rudolph, who lives in Chilliwack, stated they will be approaching Chilliwack City Council next  to request a delegation presentation of the anti-chaining legislation there as well.

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