Ravi's info...
  • Breed: shitzu
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
  • Color: brown & white
Ravi is...
  • Housetrained
  • Good with Kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Up to date with shots
Ravi's story...

Hi my name is Ravi [Rascal] but my foster calls me Tyrion.   I’m a 6 yr old Shitzu.  I’m in a search for a new forever home  because my current home can’t care for me any more.  I was originally  thrown from  a moving vehicle, don’t know what I did wrong.  A very  wonderful lady took me in and I lived with her for 3 years but now,  even tho she loves me a lot, can’t care for me any more.  Upon coming into the care of ABLDR they were told of a couple medical  concerns to watch for with me.  ABLDR has taken me to the vet and  assuring I am in top healthy shape.

My foster mom says I’m quite an easy guy to get along with and low maintenance.  I can sound a bit mean when you pet me because I have  this habit of growling when you pet me.  It’s not as a warning but  just me being vocal.  My foster mom has been teaching me that it’s not an endearing quality so I’ve learned not to do it all the time.  Now I seem to mostly do it when you move me and I don’t really want too or if I’m  over excited.

I’m not a big snuggle bug but I very much enjoy curling up next to my  foster mom and relaxing on the couch.  I am good sitting on my own  too but would prefer to be beside someone.  Chew bones are great  entertainment for me, they keep me busy for hours.  I’m not big on  playing with toys but love to go on walks in the park.  My foster mom  will take my foster brother and I out for a couple hours at a time and it’s great fun.  My old home fed me home cooked people food but my foster mom has put  me on a hard dog food diet now and I eat it all up with no complaints.  I wasn’t to keen on dog treats until I saw my foster brother eating them up so I tried one and now I’m hooked too. At my other home, I was quite the escape artist where I would dart out the front door (every time it was opened) and would not come back in for hours while I wandered the neighborhood, but my foster mom, I don’t escape anymore so I don’t do that trick anymore.  She keeps the back door to the balcony open and I wonder out for fresh air from time to time and to check things out.  I’m always waiting at the front door when I hear my foster mom come home and I’m  excited but haven’t had the urge to run out the door.  My foster  brother and I do run in the hall out the front door but I happily
wonder back inside when I’m told to come back in. I know that she’s always on guard though.

Right now I live with 2 cat which I like to chase them a little every blue moon but mostly don’t really care if they are there or not. My foster brother is quite the bossy pants and doesn’t always like to share.  He can be a bit aggressive so to speak and I just give a snap growl back in his direction and ignore him.  My foster mom says I’m a good boy about my foster brother being a bully.  Everyone else my  foster mom has introduced me too human or animal I’ve gotten along  with great.  I’m a pretty adaptable guy that would be your best bud to hangout with, so what do you say…open up your home and give me a forever home?  I know I’ll make you happy and a life time of great memories.

Adoption fee:  $300.00

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