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  • Breed: shepherd/border collie
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Young
  • Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
  • Color:
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My name is Shabtab (Moonlight in Persian language) and I am looking for a forever loving home.  I am a one year old girl, originally from Esfahan Iran. I am believed to be a mix of Shepherd/Border collie.  I don’t know what happened to my pack as I was hanging around the main road with some other stray dogs, and luckily, a nice man was bringing us food every day. One day I wanted to cross the road, when there was a loud bang. A car hit me very hard and disappeared very fast! I was in such severe pain and was crying so hard but nobody came to help. Somehow, I managed to pull myself off the road. That evening, the same nice man came to feed me. When he found me injured, he was so sad. He decided to take me to his home to find a doctor. There, I learned that his name is Fartash. That week, he managed to take me to several vets. All of them told him that my injury was very severe and they did not have the orthopedic equipment for such an invasive surgery. They recommended that I go to Tehran. Tehran is 336 km north of us. He did not know anybody there and did not know exactly where in Tehran. He needed help!

Finally, he called Mehr Animal Shelter in Mashad and asked them for help. Many people from different parts of the world reached out to help me. One day I heard Fartash talking to somebody on the phone. He called her Lida. After he finished talking with Lida, he told me that he finally got enough information and help and that he was going to take me to Tehran for the surgery after all. Lida was going to take care of me after the surgery. I had heard about her through many people and dogs. Everybody was telling me that she was an awesome nurse and I was very lucky that I was going to go to her home after my surgery. After my own experience with her care, I can second that statement and add that Lida is so kind and cares a great deal for animals. In Mid-July I had extensive surgery that was performed by a wonderful orthopedic surgeon named Dr. Abedi who is a university professor in vet school. After the surgery, Lida took me to her home and has been taking care of me ever since. Dr. Abedi told me that my limp is permanent and I will never be able to walk normally again.

I have been living with Lida for almost a year now, but I am still looking for my forever loving home since Lida will not be able to take care of me for long. Unfortunately Iran is not a very dog friendly country and it is very hard if impossible to find a home that would take care of me. Due to my conditions and the fact that I am now a indoor home dog, I cannot be transferred to a shelter in Iran, since the life in the very few shelters here is really tough and very competitive that I can’t  keep up with the rest of the pack.

Except my limp, I am very healthy, playful, kind and love people. I have not been around kids, so I don’t know how I would get along with them. I have got all of my shots, been spayed, and have a microchip. Oh, I almost forgot the most important part, I am very cute.
A nice sponsor of Mehr animal shelter has accepted to donate the cost transferring me to my forever home if anybody in North America adopts me. Mehr animal shelter staff in Iran and coordinators in Canada or USA will coordinate and take care of transferring me to anywhere in USA or Canada without any cost to my future parents. I just need a good  home who is willing to take care of me and train me to get better than what I am. If you can help me please contact A Better Life Dog Rescue and they will get in touch with the people who have me.

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