Press Release From ABLDR

The allegations that have been made by the Surrey RCMP accusing A Better Life Dog Rescue (ABLDR) of rescuing dogs for profit are completely false and entirely unfounded. When the truth is known it will be evident that not only does ABLDR not make a profit from rescuing dogs, but on the contrary, the founder and others in the organization have used their own financial resources to help fund the vet and rehabilitation costs of the dogs in our care.

A Better Life Dog Rescue is a non-profit, all volunteer organization whose mandate is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused and neglected dogs. Our mission is to end the suffering of canine companions by promoting animal rights legislation that will ensure all dogs have the right to be treated as loved members of their families and cannot be chained or penned, physically or emotionally abused, denied food and water or sufficient exercise and socialization.

The Surrey RCMP are attempting to strengthen their case against A Better Life Dog Rescue by creating a false impression about the motivations for our rescue work. As all the evidence clearly indicates that ABLDR does not operate for profit, the Surrey RCMP’s comments that we do are slanderous and libelous. The evidence of our lack of profitability and Janet Olson’s personal contributions in the tens of thousands of dollars every year is available in our financial documents that the RCMP have in their possession and are available for public viewing on the Charities Registrar website at

Everything we do at A Better Life Dog Rescue is to promote and ensure the humanitarian treatment of dogs. All of the almost 80 dogs in our care have been acquired legitimately and are deserving and in need of loving adoptive homes. However these false allegations by the RCMP have impacted our dogs ability to find homes and thereby our ability to help more homeless dogs in need of rescue. We are asking the public to honor our societal belief of “innocent until proven guilty” and not allow these false allegations to hurt rescued dogs by denying them the chance at a home.



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