Maggie the Westie
Maggie the Westie's info...
  • Breed: Westie
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
  • Color: White
Maggie the Westie is...
  • Housetrained
  • Not got with kids
  • Good with dogs
Maggie the Westie's story...

Hi, I’m Maggie the wee Westie! I’m six years old. Not much is known about where I came from. I know I look a little rough right now – I was shaved as I was so matted from not being cared for. I’m hoping someone can look past that and see the beauty of my soul.

My foster mom  thinks I was probably kept penned in a rural area with very little need to be on leash or learn any leash manners; where there were no loud (urban) noises like garbage trucks backing up, diesel trucks going by or busses ‘kneeling’, etc., and where there were almost no visitors. She also thinks a man mistreated me.

I’m still getting used to my new surroundings. I’m very happy, outgoing and playful when I feel safe on my foster family’s bed. I love to stretch out full length, legs behind me, flat on my tummy and kind of pull myself along with my front paws. It’s so cute and funny!

Much of the time I’m timid, submissive and cowering if anyone approaches me. I’m scared of my foster dad, even though he’s so kind to me…it’s like I need to get to know him all over again, every day, before I can relax.  When I am out walking, I criss-cross in front of my foster mom and go stiff as a board or try to climb up her legs when anyone walks by, with another dog or not. I look back as often (or more) than I do forward.

I’m polite with other dogs but kind of disinterested; no sign of aggression under any circumstances. I haven’t been around cats, but I am pretty interested in squirrels and raccoons. I don’t respond to my name very well yet and would not be good in an off-leash park yet – if I got scared of something I might not stop running.

My foster mom doesn’t think I’d do too well with kids, if they could even coax me out of whatever toilet or table I was hiding behind! Despite my fear, I am fine with being bathed. My foster mom took me to work and I was so content to sleep under her desk for 4 or 5 hours. She could go get a drink of water without me panicking or whining, too. At home, I do get quite worried if I don’t know where my foster mom is. She often has to put on my leash in order to get me to come downstairs and be in the kitchen with her.

I haven’t had any indoor accidents but I am still not eating and drinking as much as a doggie my size should. However, my foster mom says I showed a good appetite the other day. I am going to be spayed soon.

I would do well with a patient owner who has a lot of time to spend with me and reassure me that I am safe and won’t be maltreated, and who will keep me groomed and in good health. After my difficult past, that would be my idea of heaven.

My adoption fee is $300.

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