Large Dog Fosters Urgently Needed

We have just agreed to take in 5 large dogs and are urgently in need of fosters for them.

Libby is a sweet, friendly and gentle 10 mth lab/boxer mix who was going to be shot on the reservation she was living on, just because she was roaming to find food to eat.

Duchess and Eva , a 5 yr old shepherd and a 5 yr old shepherd mix were surrendered by their owner who had to very suddenly move and had no where for them to go. They are not highly bonded so we will be fostering and adopting them seperately. Both are very well socialized, great with people and other dogs.

Humphrey is a 3 yr old rotti/retreiver cross who was abandoned by his owner when they moved. The owner was keeping Humphrey in the garage so he is nervous in the outside world. In spite of this Humphrey is great with people, dogs and even cats. He will need help with training so needs an experienced foster.

Fridge is a sweet and gentle pit bull with a great love of people and affection.

All of these dogs have had to be placed in a kennel until a foster home can be found. If you can help foster any of these dogs please go to our foster page and submit an online foster application.  as soon as possible. You will give them the gift of a home and they will give you the gift of love and gratitude.



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