Help A Better Life Win Up To $50,000!  **Updated**


Amazing! Even though we got into the Aviva competition very late with only 4 days of voting left, we nevertheless made it through to the next round. And it is all thanks to our amazing supporters who were very enthusiastic about voting for us. Thank you all so much for making this happen for us.  The next round of voting has just started, so please remember to vote every day and forward the link to all your friends and family members via Twitter, Facebook and email! If you have more than one email, you can vote from every email address to increase our chances! You can also vote from your Facebook page. With your support we could win the $50,000 and be able to rescue the next 1000 homeless dogs.

Your response has been so supportive and enthusiastic. Right now we are 12th in our  category. Please keep spreading the word so we can get even more people voting and move us into the #1 position. Thanks again everyone for your support.

Here’s the link:

Every year Aviva Insurance Company puts money back into the community by giving grants to the most popular charities. The charity that wins the most votes from the community can win up to $50,000. A Better Life has been nominated and urgently needs your votes. The first round of the competition is over on Oct 19th. Please help us get through to the second round by asking as many people as possible to vote for A Better Life. You register to vote at the link below and can then vote once a day. Please pass this along to everyone you know by email, Twitter and posting the link on your Facebook page. Thanks everyone!


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