Honor a Dog: Sparky

Sparky’s story:

We decided to get a dog after a few years without.  After visiting many SPCA’s we found the dog for us. He sat in the back of the Kennel with those ”Take me home Eyes” that I instantly fell in love with – I knew he was the one.

Sparky was a gentle, kind dog – and very patient.  He loved going to school to visit with the kids – he became the unofficial school mascot.  Every day we would walk up to school to get the kids and of course we had to stop by the office for a treat.  Sparky spent many days at school, from circle time to sports day to noisy reading. School was his favorite place in the world.

Everyone who met Sparky fell in love with Sparky.  Many friends decided to get a dog in hopes of getting a dog just like him- IMPOSSIBLE THERE WAS ONLY ONE SPARKY.

He loved to be with his people, he allowed the neighbourhood children to cuddle him and even didn’t mind when the hamster would run all over him.  He would welcome the neighbours when they would come home – knowing there was a treat in it for him.

We decided to add to our family, Sparky had the luxury of picking out his new sibling – He picked out Keisha the kitten.  He allowed her to cuddle with him even when she tried to nurse from him.

At the age of 15, knowing that Sparky wouldn’t be with us forever we decided to start fostering for a Better Life Dog Rescue – knowing that Sparky would be an exceptional Role model for every dog that came through our house.  Over the last year and half, including Sasha and her pups we have had 15 dog come through our home – Sparky greeted them all with grace and his gentle ways did rub off.  They respected Sparky, they gave him his space – they watched as he sat and they sat too.  The came when he came after being called.  A role model he was for all that came through.

At the age of 16 ½ he was no longer able to walk, once again those eyes spoke, “It’s time to say Goodbye”. We listened to those Eyes.  Sparky was put to rest today at home with his family at his side, Keisha the cat laid with him  while the rest pet him and talked to him.  He may be gone but will never be forgotten – he had a good life and was loved so dearly.

Donations have been made by friends of Sparky and his family. Thanks so much to Sophia and Andy and Safena and Marty for your generous donations in honor of sweet Sparky.


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